Meet Dr. Bui

Screen Shot 2018 06 25 At 5.52.09 PMWelcome to the OrthoBee Family!

Orthodontics is a passion that’s deeply rooted in my DNA. My mother is a dentist, and she started taking me into the office when I was just two years old. For me, there’s nothing more fulfilling than helping my patients attain a healthy, beautiful smile and seeing their self-confidence blossom. I love getting to know each person who sits in my chair, and I want your experience at The OrthoBee Orthodontics to be both comfortable and rewarding.

As a native of Orange County, California, I feel privileged to establish my practice, The OrthoBee Orthodontics, in Fountain Valley, next door to Huntington Beach where I grew up. I’m proud to serve the residents of Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and other communities in the Orange County area.

I graduated with honors from the University of California, Irvine, where I received my bachelor’s degree in biology. After traveling to Spain on a Fulbright Scholarship, I continued my academic journey at the renowned Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, where I graduated with top honors with a doctorate in dental medicine. I went on to complete my postgraduate residency at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and became board certified in orthodontics.

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For me, continuing education and lifelong learning help fuel my commitment to excellent patient care. That’s why I strive to stay involved in professional and academic activities. This includes instructing students at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, as well as giving lectures at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and at local dental study clubs. I am highly involved in several national and local dental societies and have served on the board of the Orange County Dental Society and the Harvard Alumni Association.

When I am not in my practice, you can find me outdoors, enjoying nature, skiing and traveling. I also love dancing, volunteering at the animal shelter and spending time with my family.

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