Accessibility Information

The OrthoBee Orthodontics is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access our services and website. We strive to comply with accessibility guidelines and provide equal access and usability for all users.

Accessibility Compliance
We adhere to the accessibility requirements outlined in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Our goal is to ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to information and services that are comparable to those without disabilities, except where an undue burden would be imposed.

Website Accessibility
We have designed our website and web pages to meet or exceed the standards set by Section 508. We aim to provide an inclusive online experience for all users.

Accessibility Tools
To further enhance accessibility, we offer an accessibility tool widget. This widget helps improve compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) and assists users in browsing and navigating our website.

You can access the accessibility menu by clicking on the Accessibility Menu link located at the left side of our website.

Assistance and Contact Information
If you have a disability that hinders your ability to access content on our website, we are here to assist you. Please contact our webmaster at, and they will direct your request to the appropriate person who will promptly respond to your inquiry.

To help us address your needs effectively, please provide the following information in your communication:

  1. Nature of the accessibility problem you are experiencing.
  2. The web address (URL) of the specific material you are requesting.
  3. Your preferred format for receiving the material (e.g., electronic format (ASCII, etc.), standard print, large print, etc.).
  4. Your contact information, including your name and preferred method of contact.

We value your feedback and are dedicated to ensuring equal access to our services for all individuals, regardless of disability.