Look younger without surgery: under your nose

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We all want to do it: defy aging. While cosmetic procedures are soaring in popularity, looking younger without surgery is starting to get a whole lot easier than going under the knife or needle. How can you achieve a non-surgical younger look? The answer lies under your nose. New advances in dentistry can make a person look almost 20 years younger by restoring proper proportion and dimension to the face.

What makes a person look older?

Some common things that make a person look older include: shortened face, flat lips, less show of upper teeth, and yellow teeth. As we age, the lower facial height (the area between the nose and the chin) decreases due to the loss of teeth and/or the wearing down of teeth. Missing and worn teeth result in a collapsed appearance around the mouth, causing vertical lines on the upper and lower lips and all around the mouth. Having teeth that are properly arranged and restored to create a broader smile can improve the skin around the mouth, giving the appearance of tighter skin and fuller lips. Moreover, dull and yellow teeth can be brightened with teeth whitening. Fortunately, many dental procedures can provide a non-invasive way to look younger.

What are other benefits of orthodontics?

            Orthodontics can provide a long-lasting, non-surgical way to look younger. With new advances in orthodontics, more adults are getting their teeth straightened than ever. Newer treatment options, such as Invisalign and self-ligating braces, make straightening teeth more esthetic and comfortable. A recent survey (Nobel Biocare, 2008) found that nearly 90% of consumers ranked smile and appearance of teeth as more important features in a person’s overall appearance than facial features, physique, or clothes. Aside from improving first impressions by having both a more attractive smile and increased self-confidence, properly aligned teeth have several other advantages, such as better health of teeth and gums, increased ability to clean teeth, and better function of teeth. Thus, having a great smile can not only can make you look younger, but it can improve your overall health as well!

When is the ideal time for orthodontics?

Dr. Chi H. Bui is a board-certified orthodontist and Harvard graduate. She practices in Fountain Valley using cutting-edge technology, like digital radiographs and photos, 3D scanning, and the latest innovations in appliances. Her treatment philosophy is to customize each patient’s orthodontic treatment to enhance and maintain his/her youthful smile for a life time. Although orthodontic treatment can be started at almost any age, the ideal time is to start early. There are procedures that can redirect growth in a child to create a balanced face and perfect profile without surgery. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children be seen for an orthodontic evaluation starting at the age of 7.

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