Invisalign Revisited

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This recent article by a British journalist, “Invisalign Braces: Does the New Invisible Dentistry Innovation Really Work?” deserves some commentary.

First, it is commendable that this chap decided to get treatment as an adult. Second, it is true that crooked teeth tend to get worse over time, and since a smile is one of the first things people notice, it can greatly affect one’s self confidence. The rest of the blog, however, contains misinformation.

As of 2017, over 5 million people have been treated with Invisalign. Whether these people had successful outcomes depends largely on the patient compliance and the doctor’s experience with Invisalign. The doctor that this patient went to see if not an orthodontist so perhaps this was part of the reason for the discrepancies. These were the main points that are worth clarifying on how the ideal treatment process should be:

1. His experience: This journalist had 2 appointments : “After the molds are taken, they’re sent off and within a week or so you’re notified if you’re a potential patient.” 

Best practice: Assessment for Invisalign should be made in the initial consultation, not two visits, unless there was some issue that needed to be discussed with the patient’s general dentist.

2. His experience: He said “I can choose if I will want my new aligners fitted every two weeks or every month.”

Best practice: Aligners are meant to be worn 1-2weeks, not 1 month.

3. His experience: “I am told about the conditional of my teeth at present and if I need any unrelated work done (it turns out I need a root canal, but I decide to have this done after the braces are fitted).”

Best practice: Dental problems, like cavities and root canals should be taken care of before treatment starts.

As this article shows, Invisalign treatment differs from one office to another practice. When comparing Invisalign offers, verify that your doctor is a board-certified orthodontist, and has extensive experience with Invisalign.

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